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SELL MEMORY (RAM) Have old, used, or new computer memory (RAM) to sell? We offer the best possible prices on the market for your memory through our fast, easy, and hassle-free process. Get cash for your memory today!
Selling memory (RAM) is made simple through our obligation free process. We accept all types of memory classes, brands, speeds, ECC types, and capacities in any condition, used or new. Just provide a detailed description of your memory and the quantity you have to offer and we do the rest!
To request a free quote, first contact our purchasing department by email, phone or through our web chat. Provide a detailed description of the memory and quantity you have to offer so that we may be able provide the most accurate quote possible
Once we have received your quote request, we will process your request and respond back with our offer through email within 24 hours of initial contact. The process continues only upon your agreement on the offer. No obligations and hassle free
Purchasing Contact
1-614-418-6044 X 910 1-877-464-6956 X 910 Contact our purchasing department through one of the methods above to begin the free quote process. Our friendly associates will answer any questions you may have and will work with you to provide the best offer possible!
If the offer is agreed upon, send an invoice to along with the completed Supplier Registration form that will be provided upon agreement. If necessary, we can provide a purchase order form
For first time sellers, our preferred payment method is through PayPal or credit card. For large/bulk orders payments through ACH wire or direct deposit are available in addition to PayPal and credit card
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King Memory specializes in all types of Random Access Memory (RAM) and is committed to providing our sellers and buyers with the best memory solutions in the market
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